Lighting Design: The 4 Keys to Success

Posted on November 14, 2013 by IDesign

Believe it or not, lighting can revolutionize the appearance of a space. The right lighting on a building can enhance stunning architectural features, while the right light-music routine can transform a space into the perfect party hotspot. However, when it comes to choosing a lighting and visual design company, you don’t want to choose just anyone. Whether you need ambient lighting, entertainment lighting, festival lighting, or architectural lighting, professional lighting design involves as much art as it does technical know-how.

Technical expertise : iDesign Productions employs highly trained architects, designers, engineers, and electricians to make your vision come to life. The company offers consultation, onsite integration, and technical assistance to ensure all of your technical needs are always met.

Creativity :  Whether they are working to perfectly illuminate a building or are crafting a trendy vibe for a New York City nightclub, good light designers need to be creative and they need to effectively implement their creative vision. iDesign employs designers who are innovative and creative, always ready with a fresh idea. With tons of creative talent, iDesign Productions can help you to take your space from drab to fabulous.

State-of-the-art equipment :  Premium equipment is required for premium lighting. iDesign Productions promises the best of the best, from state-of-the-art lights to the highest quality computers.

Excellent Communication :  Lighting design invariably involves numerous different parties, from creative directors to electricians to computer programmers. Therefore, it is essential that a lighting design company be able to harness and manage the skills of all of these skilled participants in order to deliver a final product of the highest quality. No matter the size of your project, iDesign Productions guarantees effective communication and coordination between all parties involved, insuring a final product that is technically well executed and visually stunning.


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