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Avolites Ai at Trio Club : LIVE Design

Trio is the center of the nightlife universe for Charleston, South Carolina, a status that was reaffirmed this past March in the wake of a $1 million renovation that included new sound, lights and video, with the venue’s immersive display even more spectacular thanks to the Ai media server system from Avolites.

Miami-based lighting/video company idesign installed a grid of custom LED digital bars, HD video cabinets and LED dots that take content in from Avolites’ Ai media server system through the Ai Bondi dongle. Via the cross-platform software, idesign’s programmers were able to access the full power of the Ai media server, pre-programming an eye-popping experience that translated to the new Ai servers installed at the venue.

A great design,
wherever it may be in the world,
will be well received regardless of its geographical location