idesign profile : Michael Meacham

persistence of vision

A little more about idesign’s lead designer and programmer…..

Michael Meacham, owner of idesign, is originally from Washington, DC and currently living in Miami, FL. From a young age, Michael was building small light shows in his bedroom with mirror balls, parts from Radio Shack and anything that his mobile DJ neighbor would donate. Michael started his DJ and lighting career at nightclub venues Tracks and 5th Colvmn in the late 80’s. From DC, Michael moved to Miami, FL as Crobar nightclub’s visual designer. 

It was when Michael started to create LED lighting installs in various nightlife venues in Miami Beach that nightclubs from New Orleans and New York quickly sought after him. In mid 2004, idesign was formed with its client base continuing to grow from Miami to across the US, Caribbean and worldwide. idesign’s vast portfolio reflects the wide range of upscale establishments from nightclubs, lounges, hotels, building facades to fountains. 

Michael’s distinctive sense of artistic style has been consistent throughout every project making him one of the most sought after lighting designers and programmers in the industry. By immersing himself into the venue’s space, Michael creates uniquely balanced lighting and video designs by revolutionizing the space. Whether it’s a specialty feature or intentional negative space, every project is designed with purpose. 

Using the industry’s tools such as Vectorworks, MA3D visualiser, and Realizzer, Michael brings the design concepts to life thru photo realistic renders and video concepts. Once the idesign team has completed the install, Michael programs the lighting and video systems with controls such as MA, Avolites Ai, Arkoas and Madrix.  His lighting and video programming is progressively innovative, visually stunning and dynamic. 

With idesign celebrating its 15th year, Michael and the idesign team continue to push the boundaries as to what can be created.