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E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio

DAS Audio : ‘Incredible live performances are the harmony between talented artists and the right tools to take their art to the next level. E11EVEN SOUND by DAS AUDIO is the second part of the equation! Top tier artist like Drake, Post Malone, 50 Cent, G-Eazy, Halsey, Lil Wayne, Ozuna, Cardi B, Diddy, Nicky Jam, Usher, Rick Ross & more have put on iconic up-close & personal performances through E11EVEN SOUND systems. On the other hand, the EDM world is an overload of sensory experiences where sound takes the lead. However, it doesn’t matter how good a DJ is, if the sound isn’t translating his set and the audience can’t get lost in the sound. E11EVEN SOUND by DAS AUDIO has a proven record in this arena having been utilized by the world’s biggest DJ’s like Marshmello, Diplo, Zedd, Nervo, Illenium, Steve Aoki and more!’

E11even’s audio system features the finest signal processing available by XTA by being powered by MC2 class A/B bipolar amplifiers on all mid-range and high frequency components. There are new MC2 Delta 120 amplifiers for all sub bass. The E11EVEN audio system produces over 100,000 watts of power throughout the entire venue and is capable of running 24/7 without driver fatigue or components failing.

The impressive E11EVEN SOUND system includes quad 15” cabinet, a 12” midrange plus horn for smooth and supreme sound pressure levels. The two bullet tweeters per speaker providing the ultra-high frequencies never heard at E11EVEN before. The clam shell dual 21” sub bass are compact and evenly distributed throughout the club. These provide a crisp clean punchy bass throughout the pit as well as the loft areas.

idesign is proud to be one of the exclusive US dealers for E11EVEN SOUND! Contact us to hear if E11EVEN SOUND is right for you

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