persistence of vision

ELE Tokyo with Chauvet

“I designed the lighting so it became part of the club’s architecture,” said Michael Meacham. “The lights work with the building’s high-end features by doing things like wrapping the columns and creating bursts on the ceiling. The angle of space here is unique – it’s not the typical symmetrical square or rectangle; our lighting design takes advantage of this feature”. <br>The geometric effects created by the lighting are essential to the design at ELE, according to Meacham. To illustrate this point, he describes how he utilized the Rogue R1 Beams. “I created two custom LED circle bursts, putting eight Rogue R1 Beams in the center circle and eight of the units on the outer circle. This created some interesting looks,” he said. “I also placed Legend 412Z washes close to the mid-point of the circle bursts and had them programmed as key lights for the DJ and dancers. With the zoom feature of the Legends, we can focus on a single performer or use the wash feature to cover the entire back stage.”

A great design, wherever it may be in the world, will be well received regardless of its geographical location.