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persistence of vision

What idesign does

The idesign team provides creative, expertise services utilizing years of knowledge and technical experience in the lighting and video industry.

Our extensive portfolio consists of nightlife, resorts, building facades, and fountains around the world featuring: 

    • Entertainment systems
    • Architectural lighting
    • Ambient LED lighting
    • Fountain programming
    • Large event production
    • Visual and source lighting
    • Intelligent control solutions
    • Custom media content + video servers
    • Building facade illumination + projection mapping



Who we are

Since 2004, idesign has built masterful projects all throughout the US as well as in Canada, Japan, Dubai, the Caribbean and worldwide. idesign’s vast portfolio reflects the wide range of upscale establishments from nightclubs, lounges, restaurants, hotels, building facades to fountains.

We are creative designers, expert programmers, project managers, and professional lighting installers. The idesign team is built on 40+ years of lighting and visual experiences.

Meet idesign’s Lighting Expert: Michael Meacham

Michael's distinctive sense of artistic style has been consistent throughout every project making him one of the most sought after lighting designers and programmers in the industry. By immersing himself into the venue’s space, Michael creates uniquely balanced lighting and video designs by revolutionizing the space. Whether it’s a specialty feature or intentional negative space, every project is designed with purpose.

Using the industry’s tools such as Syncronorm's Depence 2 and Vectorworks, Michael brings the lighting and video design concepts to life thru photo realistic renders and video concepts. Once the idesign team has completed the install, Michael programs the lighting and video systems with controls such as MA, Avolites Ai, Arkoas and Madrix.  His lighting and video programming is progressively innovative, visually stunning and dynamic.

With idesign celebrating its 19th year, Michael and the idesign team continue to push the boundaries as to what can be created.

Art of Design

Lighting art is about creating that one special element that people talk about after they leave. It’s integrating a distinctive visual feature into the creative process while relating it into the rest of the overall design