persistence of vision


Miami, FL

Lighting · Video · DAS Audio

2013 to present

(36) Cameo Opus S5
(32) Cameo Movobeam 100
(16) SGM X5 LED white strobes
(28) Elation Dartz 360 
(360) 1m RGB LED Digital iStrips 
(4) Chauvet Rogue 2 Wash LED Par lights 
(4) 6W RGB Lasers

(2) Avolites Ai Infinity RX8 Media Servers
grandMA Lite, series 2


E11EVEN features state of the art audio system with a partnership with DAS Audio in Valencia, Spain. The loudspeakers were designed exclusively for E11EVEN for optimum coverage. 

This is a true quadraphonic stereo with mono sub bass and capable up to 141db (A) weight sound pressure levels. The sound system features dual 21″ sub bass, single 30″ sub bass, a 4 point system containing quad 15″ mid-range bass, 12” horn loaded mid-range, and M-75N neodymium Compression driver with dual bullet tweeters. This is a true 5-way club audio system. 

The amplifiers are DAS OEM MC2 Audio. Signal processing is DAS E11EVEN Sound manufactured by NST Audio (UK) for the main room. All other areas are controlled by an I-Pad with a BSS Audio BLU 160. The DJ Monitors are the new E11EVEN Sound featuring dual 12″ monitors, two single 21″ subs with two 15″ midrange powered by Powersoft amplifier modulars.

The guest interaction for the visual elements along with the best audio at all times is the mission of the entire audio, lighting and special effects idesign team.



Photo credit adinayev.com


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